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About Hadassah Jacobs 

"Life experience as an author, educator, and international businesswoman has turned me into a proficient architect of life-enhancing solutions, skillfully weaving words and ideas into transformative experiences that empower, heal, and inspire."

Meet Hadas.

The Content Alchemist


As an innovative and multifaceted entrepreneur, driven by a passion for creating transformative content across a diverse range of domains, Hadassah's unique persona can be encapsulated in the following description:

She is a Content Alchemist.

"What is a "Content Alchemist?"

A Content Alchemist is defined as a highly skilled creator who expertly blends different fields of knowledge, experiences, and mediums to produce content that informs, inspires, and transforms its audience.

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and an exceptional aptitude for synthesizing extensive fields of knowledge, content alchemy led Hadas to design compelling courses, productivity tools, and strategic messaging systems that inform, incubate, and inspire. Life experience curated expertise that spans the profound depths of Biblical Hebrew, the vanguard of political change and the cutting-edge of health science.

Her ability to learn and excel in multiple fields within the digital landscape marks her as a digital polymath— an individual with a deep understanding of different digital platforms, technologies, and methodologies who can effectively integrate them to create innovative solutions, products, or content.

As a Content Alchemist and a digital polymath, Hadassah helps entrepreneurs create compelling content across different mediums, such as blog posts, books, podcasts, and online platforms, and can effectively navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship, influence, and ideology within the digital sphere.

Entrepreneurial Story

Hadas' entrepreneurial journey started at a young age when her mom recruited her to help deliver newspapers, with her of course (She was only 7).

Fast forward to her early twenties, by the age of 23, she was CEO and President of two international graphics corporations. As a color expert, Hadassah became the first woman to speak at international lithographic and gravure printing conferences.

Today, along with her friend and business associate Sarah S., Hadas is redefining the traditional business model to meet the growing demands of community based marketing. They are revolutionizing the old brick and mortar business model with a new strategic community and social marketing model that drives growth 24/7.

As a Content Alchemist, she is well versed with expert qualifications in Influencer Marketing, Health & Wellness, and Geo-Political Research and Analysis.

She has developed and co-developed game-changing systems like the BlockitTM Planner and Influence Marketing System, the RegenerateMeNow Health and Weight-loss System. Along with Sarah, she is currently working on a system that will redefine geopolitics and information warfare.

Academic Story

As a late academic bloomer, Hadas was shocked on graduation day to learn that she was graduating Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University with a dual degree in Jewish Studies and M.E./European History. Following FAU, Hadas moved to Israel and went on to receive an M.A in National Security Studies from the University of Haifa, Israel.

It was during her National Security Studies that Hadas wrote her first book on the ideological struggles embattling the United States—Soros vs. Trump. The research began with an inquiry asking "Why she thought Trump would win the 2016 presidency?" The book became the response to the inquiry and the beginning of her authorship in the field of geopolitical ideological trends. Prior to her studies in Israel, Hadas had been involved in U.S.—Israel relations since the early 1990's.

Her degrees and certifications are commensurate to that of a Content Alchemist and digital polymath. At 16 years old she received her first certification in Nutrition. Subsequently, in the 1970's, she started using computers after the release of the Apple's Mac I & II and in the 1980's received a certification in Wang WPS. Simultaneously, she received certifications in marketing, sales and project planning from Dale Carnegie.

Decades later she received certifications in Multi-Media Authoring and Design from Broward College, and a certification in Brain Neuroplasticity—emphasis on memory loss and memory regeneration. 

Present Day

At this time, Hadas lives between Israel and the U.S.

She is working towards a phD and recently completed an epoch academic work that explores the ideological figures who shaped American academia during the Cold War and beyond.

Her work uses President Obama as a case study revealing the ideological underpinnings that contributed to his domestic and foreign policies that radically departed from Presidential norms.

The single and most startling discovery was the undeniable connection between the thinkers that shaped fascist Europe and the thinkers driving progressive liberal democracy in the U.S.—they are one and the same.

On the business front, Hadassah has recently launched a coaching and consultancy platform, Hadassah Jacobs to help start-ups and entrepreneurs build online influence platforms, while continuing to work as the chief content strategist for Olive Tree Works, Inc. Her unique approach helps entrepreneurs develop both mindset and skillsets for online success.

She is the executive director of a new Think Tank, ID3 Strategic Solutions, that specializes in tracking and summarizing ideological trends that effect geopolitical developments.

In her free time she loves to study the Torah, engage in Judaism, travel, and host Shabbat dinners. Hadas is a raw-food chef and although she is not strictly a plant-based vegan, she loves spending time in the kitchen create new culinary dishes for her guests— creating in the kitchen is one of her favorite past times.

In short, Hadas loves to push boundaries, pioneer vision, and break barriers with the hope of making a difference in this amazing world we are blessed to live in!


My Personal Backstory


After years of struggling with my place on the stage of influencers—writing articles, books, blogs, theses, songs and poetry along with developing courses in health, hebrew, history and Jewish studies—that populate several different genres, I have come to realize that there are three categories of life in which I am deeply passionate about—with one caveat. 

This caveat is what sets me apart from virtually all other influencers on the global stage today. 

The caveat?  Torah. 

Everything I write, every subject I teach, and every life lesson I share is rooted in the historical patterns, eternal truths, and infallible principles found in the Torah. 

Whether I am sitting with religious leaders, government officials, academic brilliance, or enjoying my favorite moments with family or friends what unites every conversation is the book that transcends all books, the Torah and its author, the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! 

I invite you into my life and the world of  the Torah.  It is central to becoming prolific (a high performer whose dreams advance and multiply), perceptive (the ability to know things instinctively), and purposeful (the art of infusing everything you do with meaning).

It has been and continues to be the one resource that infuses me with profound insight into global political trends, block logic and its role in learning new skillsets and high performance, and self-government essential to health and wholeness.

Join me on this exhilarating journey with me as we discover new horizons, challenge conventional wisdom, and ignite the flame of innovation. Together, we will redefine what it means to be informed, empowered, and flourishing in today's dynamic world.

I am the Content Alchemist, and I warmly invite you to partake in the magic of transformation.




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Meet Hadas, the ultimate multitasking mastermind who can do it all (well, almost). By day, she's a business coach and consultant who knows how to get things done and always goes the extra mile to exceed expectations. But by night, she's a superhero in disguise, using her powers of wit, creativity, and sheer awesomeness to conquer the world (or at least her to-do list).

With a quirky sense of humor and a can-do attitude, Hadas is the life of the party (even when there's no party to be found). She's the kind of person who can make anything fun, whether it's tackling a tough project at work or just hanging out with friends. And with her infectious energy and contagious smile, she always leaves a lasting impression.

But don't be fooled by her playful nature. Hadas is also a total badass when it comes to getting things done. She's a master problem-solver who knows how to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions that others might overlook. And with her unwavering determination and passion for excellence, she always delivers results that exceed expectations.

So if you're looking for someone who can bring a little fun, creativity, and kickass attitude to your next project, look no further. She's the ultimate jack-of-all-trades who's ready to take on the world (or at least your next challenge).

And she is my friend,



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